LEARN: Award-Winning Editing in Lightroom

Hi there fellow photographer! Time to take your images to the next level in Lightroom and Photoshop: Making your images Award-Worthy!

Award-Winning Editing in Lightroom

For me it is clear that capturing good images is only half of the work. The second part is all done in the editing! Your Lightroom (and to a lesser extent Photoshop) skills are what make your images truly stand out! The last 3 years I have won over 180 awards for my photography work, including the 2020 WPS International Wedding Photographer of the World title 🏆. Without good editing I am sure that I would not have received at least half of these awards, so it crucial to get the most out of your images and improve your post-processing skills!

Top trouwfotograaf van de wereld

Which images are edited in this 3+ hrs course?


In this course you are getting 18 video of over 4 hours in content where I edit my awarded images from start to finish.
16 images are edited only using Lightroom Classic (including 4 images with AI selection-tools) and the 2 bonus images get some final tweaks done in Photoshop to really make these images stand out. See three fast editing previews below:

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn how simple it is to create your own style, which will make you stand out as a photographer

  • Within no time, you will capable of transforming your images to award-worthy photographs

  • You will be confident to show a consistent style, and so attract better clients!

  • You will know how to photograph in a way so you will have the most room in your post-processing

  • All the post-production magic I use on my images will be yours to use!

  • Learn the way I look at every image so you get the best out of every photograph!

  • Save massive time on editing by using my simple tricks which speeds up your post-production massively!


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